The Developmental Services Human Resource Strategy is excited to offer our member agencies a unique opportunity to encourage students to launch their career as a Developmental Support Worker (DSW). This initiative will utilize traditional marketing collateral, with the enhancement of Augmented Reality (AR). In partnership with SNAPD INC, this will allow our message to come alive and allow printed materials to be displayed digitally.

To support our Member Agencies, creative material has be prepared for you, including a website landing page developed to allow students to select from one of the 16 Ontario Community Colleges that offer a 2-Year DSW Diploma or Apprenticeship Programs. The DS HR Strategy has also arranged for all marketing materials to be customized to your Agency, plus printing and delivering everything directly to you at a very affordable rate that will help ensure that everyone can participate.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, or AR, allows any printed material to come to life and appear in the digital universe and moves traditional media marketing away from 1 dimensional static advertising into a multi-dimensional and interactive world of engagement. AR is triggered by an image in print, like a poster or a post card. Through the snapd HUB mobile app, viewers can bring to life the digital universe of augmented reality to truly stand out and help achieve our objectives. Check out the snapd HUB by downloading the app direct to your smart phone:

What do you need to do?

Simply complete the following 3 steps, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Complete the Order Form to obtain your customized Marketing Materials.
  • Upload your hi-res image that represents your Agency. This can be a photo of staff, clients or even your building. This will be added to personalize your marketing materials.
  • Upload your Agency logo, along with your contact information. This will be added to your marketing materials.
  • Optional: Provide a link to your Volunteer or Contact Us website page.